38 foot DUAL LANE Adreneline Rush Obstacle Course complete with a "rock climbing" wall! The kids will have a great time racing through to see who wins! Main unit recommended ages 5-15. $330  approx 13ft in width

​Junior version of our Adreneline Rush

Great for ages 4 - 8    $230

Under The Sea Combo


This is a perfect Combo for the “Younger Crowd”
This Mini Combo, bouncehouse and 4ft slide inside, is designed to fit in any small space. It can even fit inside garages! Great for childcare centers
as well!
Add this with another rentalso the little one’s can have a
combo of their own AND
13' L x 15' W x 7'10" H 

recommended age 2-6

Joust Arena

Let's bring back the fun in knocking someone off their pedestal in a fun way! This massive 30 x 30 inflatable bed of fun will be a crowd please as well as participants. Reserve yours today! Complete with padded helmets!
Dimensions: 30 x 30

Castle 4 IN 1 Combo

recommended ages – up to 10
Waterslide Rentals Palm bay is a perfect place for any party!

I can be used for any gender with my vibrant lime green, blue and red colors. Reserve me today! I have a 15 x 15  bouncehouse area with an inflatable basketball hoop inside! Climb up my ladder and slide down 15 ft of fun!
15' L x 15' W x 17' H

Sports Bouncer

Sports Bouncer (upto age 6)
13 x 13 Bouncy House with an awesome Multi-Sports theme. What kid isn’t amused by either Baseball, Football, Soccer or Basketball? Great for the kids that can’t get enough of sports ! 
(also has a basketball hoop inside)
13(W) x 13(W) X 13(H) 

Deluxe Jungle 4 IN 1 Combo


Recommended age – up to 10
No other Competitor’s Combo units even come close. Our 15′ Slide with a 50 degree sliding angle puts the competition to shame. With our completely enclosed slide and no jump safety screen, our 4 in 1 Combos are the safest in the industry!

Inside also has an inflatable basketball hoop! 15x15 Bouncehouse
18'(L) x 15'(W) x 17'(H) 

Also 38ft Long

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Bounce Houses & Combo's Rentals

38Ft Adreneline Rush Obstacle Course

​Ready to Reserve   (321) 626-4676

Birthday Cake Bounce House


You can have your cake and “Bounce in it too!”
What a great way to add fun to your kid’s party with this large 15X15
Birthday Cake Bounce house with basketball hoop. It’s affordable and a big party hit!
15' L x 15' W x 16' H  

Recommended age 2-6