38ft Adreneline Rush Junior

Run and Race over a 4 ft simulated Rock Climbing area! 

$ 230

Recommended ages 4-8

Dual entry and a Double Slide keep kids active for hours on end! Weave through the Obstacles and through the tunnels racing each other to the end!


Dunk That Punk!!

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Joust Arena

Let's bring back the fun in knocking someone off their pedestal in a fun way! This massive 30 x 30 inflatable bed of fun will be a crowd please as well as participants. Reserve yours today! Complete with padded helmets!
Dimensions: 30 x 30



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Interactive Rentals

38ft Adreneline Rush

Dual Lane run and Race over a simulated 12ft Rock Climbing Area!  13ft Wide

$ 330

​Recommended ages 5 - 15


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