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27 FT Blue Crush

$365 Dry - $465 wet

27 FT Blue Crush is the mother of all slides!  This slide is a TRUE attention getter with its monstrous look and feel. It will guarantee to give you butterflies in your stomach as you plunge yourself down the steep 27ft slides, across a 30ft slip and slide and into a pool! You'll be the rockin parents of the neighborhood!

Great for all ages ( who aren’t scared of heights ) up to adult!
65'L x 20' W x 27' H 

22 FT Wild Rapids Water Slide


Wild Rapids is a 22 ft Extreme water slide for those seeking a hardcore thrill that will last the whole day long! 

This slide will give you a new facelift as you slide all the way down and make a sharp turn into a pool of fresh water!  Reserve your fun today!  Recommended ages 5-15
27' L x 22' W x 22' H 

Dash and Splash Wet or Dry Obstacle w/Pool

$200 Dry/ $250 Wet

THIS WET OBSTACLE COURSE is made with non-slip vinyl!
The Dash -N- Splash is one of our newest interactive wet units. It can be used as a wet slide with a pool attached or as a dry obstacle course without the pool.  Children go through obstacles, a tunnel, through more obstacles and then climb the ladder to a 17ft slide into a refreshing pool.  This is a sure party hit!
(L) 25ft X (W) 15FT (H) 17ft

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Extreme Tropics – Dual Lane Water Slide

Recommended Ages: 4-12
One of our best-selling slides is now available in a Tropical theme!

 On the Extreme Tropics, riders climb up the ladder and choose the first slide at 18ft tall or continue another 3 ½ feet higher and slide down the second!  Both riders will whip around the turn and splash into a pool of water!  
Length: 28 FT Width: 10 FT Height: 20 FT 

Tropical Wild Splash

The Tropical Wild Splash is a super-fast and super fun water slide zipping you down 16 feet of lane into a large refreshing pool!

Great for ages 5 to 12

Bounce and Double Dip

$200 Dry/$250 Wet
Our Bounce and Double Dip is our newest addition and is the most innovative Wet/Dry Combo Units.

Enter the side of the 13 x 10 bouncer, make a left and go up 2
climbing ladders and slide down the dual lane 18ft slide! 2 UNITS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE…A PARTY HIT!

Recommended ages 5 - 8
38' L x 13' W x 18' H 

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